Photoshop tips beginners

Top 5 tips for Photoshop beginners

Top 5 Photoshop tips beginners would like to know.

This article is based on a video. Watch it here.

Tip 1 – clean up Photoshop

For new users, Photoshop is very confusing. The default layer arrangements of winows, have a lot of panels you don’t need! Why show swatches, channels, paths, styles and more, when you can choose just to show the most important? Remove all that, and only keep the layer panel and the tools. I myself actually uses this setup, and just opens the other panels when i need them.

Watch the difference:


Photoshop panels

Clean up:

Photoshop panels

Much better! You can ereate “a workspace” thats a file, that remembers how the panels are arranged. By doing that, you can toggle between new clean setup and the old one.

workspace photoshop

Tip 2 – Navigating Photoshop

Photoshop would be a pain to use, if i didn’t know these shortcuts for navigating swiftly in Pohotshop!!  They are very essential.

  1. Hold down space to navigate up and down. When you hold down space in Photoshop, a hand will appear. With that hand you can grab the image to move up and down. – Just like an ipad.
  2. Alt to zoom. When you hold down the key alt, you can scroll to zoom in!

Ctrl + 1 to zoom to 100%.

Tip 3 – The history panel – Photoshop undo

It’s weird how the undo shortcut (ctrl+z) works. If you press it once, surely you undo. But press the shortcut again, and you will undo what you undid. To see the procces of this, got to windows –> History.

Photoshop history shwos every command in photoshop. Then you can see how you are stuck in a loop with Ctrl+z!

Ctrl + z Photoshop

Ctrl + z Photoshop undo loop


ctrl + alt + z

history panel actually undo with Photoshop Ctrl + alt + z


Tip 4 – Enter the layer mask

As a new user you are probably learning about the layer mask. And that’s good! It’s very important. But tutorials doesn’t tell you, that you can enter the layer mask! By holding down alt and pressing on the layer mask!

Enter the layer mask alt click thumbnail

Entering it (it’s the cloud layer)

Tip 5 – Photoshop and mmrene is all you need

Photoshop tips beginners

It’s easy to get lost in Photoshop – and a lot of people want to exploit that. So they sell shitty stuff you dont need in photoshop. You dont need any Action, filter, plugin and so on to do cool stuff! You only need photoshop (and mmrene haha). Learn Photoshop! after that you can take a look at filters to save time, and such.