photoshop building text effect

Photoshop text effect building – New york

Text effect with buildings. Cool text edit with a font overlapping buildings in New York. Using the pen tool, layer mask and the brush we can create this amazing edit. However, it takes a bit of work – getting the right image (perspective) and placing the text the correct place.

Original idea: (If you now where this is from please contact me)

Let’s go!

First open op an image of a city. This is actually the tricky part, because if the perspective sin’t right the effect wont work. We need a birds perspective here.

I’m ready with my image:

image for photoshop effect

First of all, let’s flip the canvas 90 degree. Go to image, image rotation and rotate your image clockwise.

rotate your image clockwise

Get the text tool by pressing T. Then write whatever on your image. I will go for “New york” with helvetica.

New york effect photoshop

Here you need to play around with the text. Rezise it and move it accordingly to buildings and composition. Think about what image should overlap what letter.

Now create a new layer mask for the new york text layer.

 layer mask text layer

Then turn down the opacity for the layer, so we can see what’s behind the text.

pacity for the layer

 behind the text

Now got the pen tool by pressing p. Make sure it’s set to Path. Not pixels nor shape.

not pixels nor shape

Then zoom in and get ready to render out!

 ready to render out

Here’s my pen tool render.

pen tool render

Let’s convert that to a selection so we can fill in with black on the text layers mayer mask. Right click with the pen tool and select “conert to selection” make sure feather is set to 0 px!

feather is set to 0 px

Get that selection to fill in with black in the layer mask! Then press control + D to deselect the selection. Result:

fill in with black in the layer mask

Now do the same with the next letter. This letter should be behind the next building.

Here i am done with “York”


Here i have rendered and used the mask on every letter:

used the mask on every letter

Let’s add some shadows. Create a new layer above the text layer, and right click on it. Select “Create clipping mask”

Select "Create clipping mask"


Layer result

Then get the brush tool, paint with a black and soft (0% hardness, 15% opacity). Paint everywhere the Building overlaps the text:

black brush to create shadows

Now you are done! Quick and very cool.


Watch as a video tutorial instead