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Photoshop effect with circles – bubbles and patterns

Today we will use circles in Photoshop to create awesome effects. First a look on how to use a circle pattern. After that, we’ll use Photoshop brush with a particular setting, to create a very cool bubble effect.

I recently saw a lot of cool projects with circles. Here is a few of them:

photoshop circel effect

photoshop bubble effect

big circles

I will show how to create the first two effects. remember, this article is based on a video. You can watch it here.

Let’s start with the first image.

How to create the circles pattern

Create a new document and find your desired image. I’ll use the image:

photoshop start image effect

Next, grab the ellipse tool and see how big the circles should be.

select the ellipse tool

select the ellipse tool

Now draw a shape while holding down shift to find the desired size.

finding the correct size for the circle

finding the correct size for the circle

I think the size of her head is great. Create a new layer (Ctrl+shift+alt+N) and create the circle.

Set the shape settings to pixels!

Set the shape settings to pixels!

And create the circle:

create the circle

create the circle

Now on the circle layer, let’s duplicate that layer into a new document.

duplicate to new layer

duplicate to a new layer

destination new photoshop

Here is our new photoshop document:

new document

Let’s trim that. Go to edit–>trim.


That’s better.

Let’s make a pattern out of that circle. Go to edit –> define pattern, and press ok. Close this document and go back.

Create a clean layer, and fill the layer. go to edit–>Fill.

Select the new pattern we just made, and press ok!

photoshop pattern

This my result:

filled with circles

filled with circles

Now duplicate your original image, and move it on top. Ctrl + j to duplicate.

Duplicate the image

Duplicate the image

As you can see on the image above, the circles are on a the Layer 1 – in between 2 instances of the original image.

Next, let’s create a clipping mask for the “background copy” layer. Right click on the layer, and press “Create clipping mask” This should be the result:

If you see the little arrow, everything is fine.

Now nothing has happened yet. – But if you move the top layer, you will get the desired effect!

Circle effect

Circle effect

How to create the bubble effect

Now let’s learn the other effect with circles. I think it’s a lot easier to watch how to create it, instead of writing about it. Watch the effect here – it starts on 2:46 :)