Wind filter Photoshop

Wind filter in Photoshop

Today we will take a look at the wind filter in Photoshop. The wind filter is becoming quite popular and that’s very understandable.

Written guide

This written guide is based on a video. Watch the video at the bottom of this page.

You can do a cool sense of motion with it, or do some kind of pixels distortion. Even the start-up image have wind filter in it. That load up image is done by Alberto Seveso.

Let’s create a mini project in Photoshop and use the wind filter. Why? because the wind filter isn’t very user friendly. it doesn’t have any sliders for setting the amount nor the direction of the filter. But we can work around that – let’s see how!

Let’s start up the filter to see this. Go to filter, stylize and then wind filter.

Filter stylize wind

So you can see there are few options here.

Wind filter box

You can choose two directions, left or right. No amount either. But we can still work around that. Also there are different settings for the look. there is wind, blast and stagger! 

So let’s create the mini project and you will discover how to get around these drawbacks.  Open a new image in Photoshop.

New docuument for wind

Alright so we want to create some wind, that follows the direction of the sunlight, here in this image – just as an example.

  • First get the crop tool by pressing c.

Photoshop crop tool

  • Increase the size of the document.

Photoshop crop tool

  • Select the move tool and press okay.

  • Then press Ctrl+T to go into free transform. Then rotate your image, until the direction you want the wind filter to be in, is aligned horizontal. You will see why soon.

  • Remember the amount of degrees you have rotated.


So you can create different things to create a wind effect. You can get the quick selection tool, and select whatever you want to have the wind filter on.

 Now you could choose to either:

Keep the selection and do the fitler. By that we can use every wind filter: the wind, the blast and the stagger. The problem with this is, that the wind can’t go beyond the selection.

Wind on a selection - the wind can't go beoynd the selection

Wind on a selection – the wind can’t go beoynd the selection

So the other method is to duplicate your selection, so the dress will be in a layer. 

If we then do a Filter –> stylise –> wind, and chooses stagger you will see that the stagger is going crazy!

The stagger in the wind filter is going crazy, without a limit

The stagger in the wind filter is going crazy, without a limit

But the other filters doesn’t do that. So if we go to wind, and chooses blast or wind, you will see tht is behaving quite nicely compared to the other filters.

The blast and wind doens't go crazy without a limit - looks nice

The blast and wind doens’t go crazy without a limit – looks nice

My favorite way to use the filter, is to go to the free lasso tool, set a feather of 20 pixels, and then start to select where you want the stagger/wind to happen.

Free lasso tool feather


Selection for the wind with feather

Selection for the wind with feather

So i will now go to the wind filter, and i would like the stagger.

Stagger with a bigger selection and a feather looks nice, and doesn't go crazy

Stagger with a bigger selection and a feather looks nice, and doesn’t go crazy

Now to control the amount of wind, we can use the photoshop “last filter” Which is a shortcut to do the same filter as last used. In this case: wind.

By pressing CTRL +F again and again, we can easily control the amount of wind. Let’s add some more wind with the lasso tool, and the CTRl+F (Last filter)

Almost done.. :

Now to finish this, we need to rotate the image back. So zoom out. Select all your layers. Then press Ctrl + T, and set the same degree value but in negative, to rotate the image back.

rotate the image back

Then go to image –> Trim!

photoshop trim image

So now you can see we can choose the idrection of the wind, and the amount as well. All done!

Wind filter Photoshop

Wind filter Photoshop

Let’s recap!

  • Find the direction you want
  • Increase the document with the crop tool
  • rotate the image with free transform, Ctrl + t
  • Free lasso tool to select the stuff you want to have wind
  • Ctrl+ f, ctrl +f, ctrl +f To keep adding a higher amount of wind!

I hope you found this usefull.

Video guide