Photoshop tutorial how to shapes cool effect

How to create a hipster spiral effect

Let’s use the “transform again” optien, to create this stunning hipster effect in Photoshop.

This article is based on a video. Watch it here, or below in this article

Written tutorial

Open op photoshop and choose your desired image. I found that landscapes works best. Here’s the effect on a head:

Photoshop effect on head

and here is the effect on landscapes:

Photoshop how to hipster effect result

geometric photoshop result edit tutorial


Allright, i will use this buidling:

Photoshop building start

Next, open the elipse tool:

Elipse tool photoshop

We are going to create a! So select to shape – not path or pixels. And a broder of 0 pt. Here is my settings:

shape - not path or pixels elipse

Create a shape on a new layer. Hold down shift while creating it, so it’s a perfectly round circle and not a sqaushed elipse.

There we are. I just centered the circle in the middle as well.

Now we want to duplicate the circle – but with the content of the building. We can do that, by getting the circle’s selection, then duplicate while the buildings backgoround layer is selected.

Get the selection the circle by pressing Ctrl, while clicking on the circles layers thumbnail.

ctrl click photoshop to get selection

Now you have the selection. Hide the shape layer, move down to the building layer, and press Ctrl+j to duplicate.

Notice layer 1 – the layer is the same circle, but with the background content in it.

Allright. Now go to the elipse layer again and re-size it with 20%. You can do that, by pressing Ctrl +t (free transform) and type in 80% in the hight and width.

Now we have a 20% smaller sphere/circle. Now repeat the action as before. It was:

  1. Get the circles selection by ctrl+ clicking on the shapes layer thumbnail.
  2. Move down to the layer beneath, and press ctrl J to duplicate that content, in a smaller circle.

Here is the result – i don’t know how well you can see it, but the layer 2 is 20% smaller.

Now here comes the trick! (Keep in mind, the trick could also be done with photoshop actions) Photoshop remembers the last “Free transform” action.. And the action was “Create layer 20% smaller!”

So we want again to create the shape layer 20% smaller. Go to the shape layer, and press “Ctrl + shift + t”. That’s the “transform again” command, which does the same transform as last time. You can find this command under: Edit –>transform–> Again.

Now the shape is 20% smaller again. Get that selection, and make a new duplicate as before.

Repeat this procces. I stopped after 6 duplicates:

photoshop duplicates

Select all the duplicates as i have done in the image above. Now rotate them all a bit. You can do this with free transform off course! (Ctrl + T)

Next step is to de-select the last layer. You can do that by Ctrl+clicking on the layer.

Now do a “tranfrom again!”. It will remember that we rotated the image. (The shortcut was Ctrl+Shift+T). So now we have 2 rotations in the circle:

rotation image photoshop how to

Good stuff! Now deselect the last selected layer. Do a “Transform again” – again! Repeat until you have rotated all layers.

You are done! Good job.

Photoshop how to hipster effect result

You can do a lot of cool stuff with that. Remember the thumbnail for this post? I did the same procces, but with a shape width 8 edges.

Here i inverted all second duplicates, before i rotated them:



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