How to align text – Justify the text – The correct way!

Align text to a square box a another rectangular space. Not by rulers and manual work – but instead automatically. This is how you correctly justify the text. We will use the text field.

By doing this, we can easily correct any typos, or just move the text around to make it look great.

Photoshop only know what to align the text to, if we create a text field. Yes they can be very annoying, but for rectangular fittings this is amazing.

Sadly many guides gets this wrong. therefore i made this tutorial!

how to do it

This might not be the most interesting and crazy article ever written. But damn it, everyone gets it wrong – including me for many years. So what’s the wrong way of aligning text?

The wrong way is to create rulers, and add in the text.

Align text with rulers - bad

Align text with rulers – bad

Then use the size, and the kerning to get the text to align the rulers.

kerning to get the text to align

Why is that bad? – If we want to move the text around and play with different settings and width then all the work is manually done! it takes way too much time. And what if we had a typo? then we had to align it again… Al day long!

The good old text box

That’s where the good old text box comes in. Create the box width the text tool instead – Click and hold width the tool.

text box

Now photoshop knows where and what to align the text to. I know this box sucks when we don’t need to align the text.

Pass in your text:

Pass in your text

And go to the paragraph window – and press “justify all”

paragraph window

Now the text aligns perfectly:

Now the text aligns perfectly

I can fix typos, and make the box very small for er different look – all in a matter of seconds :) !

Take a look in the video, to see what i’m talking about.