Flag facebook change

How to add any flag to your Facebook profile picture

How to add any flag on your profile picture. In any Photo software. Here i am adding the Afghanistan flag.

After the second disgusting terror attack in Paris, Facebook made a function, so you could change your profile picture, with a french flag to show your are sympathizing with the victims. Off course i too condemn that disgusting coward attack and i feel very sorry for the victims.

Facebook got a lot of critic for not making this function for other attacks, such as a suicide attack in Afghanistan. I think it’s a fair critritc, and other countries deserves a lot more media coverage and awareness.

I don’t think facebook value French people lives more than others, or intended to tell that some events is more important than others.

So today i will show how you can put a fan flag on any facebook profile picture, and therefore show awareness/support any event or group. I will use photoshop, but explain how you can do it with other programs as well.
You can’t use paint for this. But you can use paint.net

Or use this app:

Written tutorial

First open up your image:

Next find the flag you want to use.  Open it up as well, and copy it.

In Photoshop you can press ctrl+a to select everything, then press ctrl+c to copy it.

Go back to your image, and paste the flag in.

Most probably, it doesn’t fit. So let’s resize the layer by going to edit –> transform –> scale.

Now we need to change to opacity. In other programs it might be called: Alpha, Visibility or mask. In photoshop it’s opacity, and you can change it on your layer panel.

Turn that down to 50%.

That’s how you can add a flag to your Facebook picture.

Video tutorial