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Photoshop battle live
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Photoshop live battle episode 3

We just did a new episode! Photoshoppers this round: 1: TheWikTube 2: Zachary Smart 3: Panetti design Vote in youtube cards! :) Watch it here:

How to bend a picture in Photoshop

How to stretch a photograph 90 degress, like a photoshop inception effect.  All inspired by jatiputra’s amazing edit. We will recreate the image above. But I’ve used the same technique to create these images:   Before we start This idea is based on  jatiputra’s amazing… Read more

Add an angle to text

How to use the perspective warp tool, to add a elbow or an angle to anything. In this example we’re going to use it on a text to create this cool effect.

Noise types

Depending on your camera and the camera settings, different noise type might appear on you image. Today we’re looking at the difference between color noise and luminance noise or chromatic and monochrome noise, if you will.

The one custom shortcut

I love having Photoshop with as standard as possible. This means: Avoid plugins, and avoid a lot of extra shortcuts – just to keep Photoshop normal as possible so you can do everything on every machine. But there is only one shortcut that’s so important… Read more

Enter layer mask

Enter the layer mask

Double exposure done with this technique. This is how you enter the layer mask. We can do a lot knowing this – storing images, textures or just checking the quality of our mask.

align images

How to align images

A tip on aligning images in photoshop Something i like to do – and it’s quite effective. It’s all about giving a good differential overview! – by pressing Ctrl + i, then 5 !