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Cinema 4d tutorials

affect parameter with mograph

Drive any parameter with mograph

A powerful setup to drive any parameter in c4d with the mograph module. By outputting either position, scale or rotation from a cloner, changing it with a rangemapper and outputting to any parameter/value. Can also be done with multiple clones with iteration.

slice cinema 4d

Slice and chop an object

Cut / slice or displace – Whatever you wan’t to call it. Let’s cut stuff in Cinema 4d. In this tutorial, i am going to show you how to slice my logo. Also showing how to archive different effects with this setup.

Flip transition cinema 4d

Flip transition

In this tutorial were looking at how we can flip some objects in a very smooth and cool way. This tutorial include: Offsetting axis point for rotation Different material orientation General motion graphics workflow

Flat strokes

Flat streaks

To show motion in an animation can be done in different ways. With the modern flat design a nice way to do it, is to use some cartoonish “motion streaks”. We are going to use Cinema 4D to create a small engine that have a… Read more