Photoshop battle live

Photoshop live battle episode 3

We just did a new episode! Photoshoppers this round: 1: TheWikTube 2: Zachary Smart 3: Panetti design Vote in youtube cards! :) Watch it here:

photoshop building text effect

Photoshop text effect building – New york

Text effect with buildings. Cool text edit with a font overlapping buildings in New York. Using the pen tool, layer mask and the brush we can create this amazing edit. However, it takes a bit of work – getting the right image (perspective) and placing the… Read more

Wind filter Photoshop

Wind filter in Photoshop

Today we will take a look at the wind filter in Photoshop. The wind filter is becoming quite popular and that’s very understandable.

How to bend a picture in Photoshop

How to stretch a photograph 90 degress, like a photoshop inception effect.  All inspired by jatiputra’s amazing edit. We will recreate the image above. But I’ve used the same technique to create these images:   Before we start This idea is based on  jatiputra’s amazing… Read more